Thinking Typography

What is Typography

According to some dictionaries, “Typography is simply the technique and art of arranging typefaces.” At the most basic, is a combination of fonts, sizes, spacing and color. It is performed by graphic designers, comic book artists, graffiti artists, typographers, typesetters and compositors.

However, typography is more than that, “it speaks louder than words”. Its the process of creating readability, impact and a visual picture by using words with the right eye-catchy font. It does not only grab the attention of the readers, it also enhances the beauty of design either way, print or web.

Acknowledging the meaning of typography, can be comprehended that its not only about the fonts we used but the size, placement, whitespace and a lot of other aspects related that are important in the creation of a well fluid and functional design.


The Role of Typography in Design

Design is all about quality and simplicity. It can make a difference in communication towards the desired audience, whether it affect the way they feel and/or react. Therefore, this is when typography comes in and plays an important role on design. The main purpose, is to make the message believable, professional, and legible. This way, the design is combined of images, that transmit a message for themselves, but also text that creates a complete and eye-catching art to express the business to millions of people all around.


Rules and Musts

When it comes to typography as well as design there are some rules and musts that shouldn’t be broken. Some of this rules in typography are to always search and read carefully what the design is based on and the chose of colors.

When it comes to reading carefully the type of design that would be made, it help us chose an attractive typography that grabs attention to the audience, and express the business identity. We can’t chose a type that is made, for example, for a wedding invitation to be applied on a travel flyer, this would wouldn’t only looks ugly but also it would be wrong in all designs basics and most important in typography basics.

For some people “color” its just “color”. But reality is that to choose a perfect matching color for typography makes a big difference. It can help us with readability and strike the eye for the target audience. This is because it can be very easy to lose text in the background when colors are hard to read. Its a rule to choose those colors that contracts with the background so it can be easily and suitable for the readers in the whole design.

Its not just about designing, its a whole combination of things that we need to keep in mind in order to create a correct and beautiful design. Therefore, this is why typography plays a big part when it comes to design.


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